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We sell devices and the equipment

Counters drum-type GSB-400, RG-7000, RGS
- gas counters industrial SVG. M, SG-16МТ, RG, Dymetic, Metran, Mespilus, SG-EK, RVG,
- gas cчетчики household SG-1, Grandee, SG-SGK-1,6, SGBM-1, 6, SGK, SGB
- SVP, Dymetic steam counters, Mespilus
- counters of heat KM-5, Dymetic, Tekon, Metran, ST-10, TSK-7, TEM, ИМ2300Т
- counters of water and SGV, SHV, VMG, VMH, VSKM, OSVU, STVU, OSV, OSVI, SVU, SZhU liquids, UZS-1, URSV, ERSV, PREM, VEPS
- counters of RM-5P milk, SVEM, SM-16
- counters of oil NORD-M, INSTANT, PPO, PPV, PPT, URSV, SZhU oil products,
- manometers of MT, MDP, MTP, МТПСд, DM, MO, MTI, M1/1, MTK, MKSh, MKU, MSU
- valve gas KEG-9720, KTZ, PSK, KPS-N, PKEN, automatic equipment of boiler rooms
- gazoalizator SOU-1, Ankat, ESSA, Hobbit, SGG, Optogaz, Monolith, STM-10, STM-30
- defectoscopes, tverdomer, tolshchinomer
- ampermeters, voltmeters, мегоомметры, oscillographs etc.

Contact person: Alexander
Region: Irkutsk
Phone: 7-3812-467557
Web: http://www.oootehpribor.ru


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