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The chemical industry - the list of subcategories

List of announcements: Chemical industry / Rubber products

» Plastic compound for cable проводниковой production
We offer supply of the PVC cable plastic compound, production of JSC Xinming Cable Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. applied in electrotechnical and power industry to imposing of isolation of wires and cables. The PVC cable plastic compound is issued

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» Tape conveyor
JSC Rubikom offers to tape delivery conveyor pr-va JSC GSK Krasny Treugolnik (St. Petersburg) along with rezinotekhnichesky production pr-va to JSC Kurskrezinotekhnika (Kursk). JSC Rubikom guarantees the minimum terms of manufacturing, those

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» I will buy rezinotekhnichesky products for integrated poultry farms
Roller rubber for yaytsemoyechny маштны the Finger rubber MOP - the Rubber element of cars for processing of a bird of MOP of Bil B2-FTsL-702008 a rubber element of FTsL cars for processing of a bird the Connecting tube for a mikrochashechny drinking bowl of the Offer about I will erase

[In more detail]

» Production of RTI
We accept orders for development and manufacturing non-standard rubber of technical products. On a sample or drawings of the customer. Let-out quality production. Yours faithfully Anatoly.

[In more detail]

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