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Metals and raw materials - the list of subcategories

List of announcements: Metals and raw materials / Ferrous metals

» I will sell неликвид a pipe boring stale Ø139 * 10,54, productions of Germany.
Marking: TVI 09/02, RAPPORT NO VV-51036, 139 * 10,54, U – 160 – NC 61, API RP7G, Germany, DRILLTEC, Is long pipes – 13.3 m, the General is long: 1215 m (50 tons) I Will sell неликвид a preventor of PPR 180*21 (Tuu00158787-010-96), warehousing.

[In more detail]

» Corrosion-proof pipes from a warehouse in Moscow
We SELL FROM the WAREHOUSE IN MOSCOW PIPES CORROSION-PROOF GOST 9940-81, 9941-81, page 08Х18Н10Т, 12Х18Н10Т, Ф2 m - 325мм, all pipes new, certificated, lengths 4-9м, production of Nikopol ZNT, PNTZ, SINTZ. Contact phones (095) 278-66-08, 278-67-08 fax (095

[In more detail]

» We buy a breakage of ferrous metals expensively
We buy a breakage of ferrous metals expensively, in bulk to Rostov-on-Don. Receiving Ry, a car and a water transport is possible. Let's consider any options, the partial advance payment is possible. Let's help with documents. Contact phone: 89282266948

[In more detail]

» We sell transformer steel
We sell transformer second-hand steel. Ph. +7 (095) 506-80-58, +7916 623-36-00

[In more detail]

» Fittings П - R - And - Y-with
February - March 2007 we Offer deliveries of metal rolling of production OAO «МИТТАЛ СТИЛ KRIVOI ROG». A-400C/A-500C, the Art. 35ГС, GOST 5781-82 of $8mm 560 $10mm 540 $12mm 525 14 - $16mm 500 18 - $32mm 475 a katanka 1kp-3ps/joint venture easy revolt 6.5mm/8mm to $890кг 465

[In more detail]

» Tile pig-iron
I sell a tile pig-iron second-hand 200х300х30 180тн. Rybinsk (4855) 28-01-20,28-20-01.

[In more detail]

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